Did you Know?

We’ve made swapping with your friends even easier. Just flip open our packaging to the other side to turn it into a gift card. Now that’s something to Hoot about!

Pick A Tag

pick a tag

Help your child pick from over 70 designs (and counting!) that they’ll love including jokes, inspirational messages, hobbies, sports and more. Your kid can build a collection, then tag their bags so they’re sure to always have Bag Swag when the opportunity arises.

Find a Friend

find friend

Out and about kids will start noticing others’ bag swag, and the fun really begins. Maybe they discover that kid in class they’ve never talked to has a hilarious fox pun, and suddenly they can’t stop giggling. This is the best part: when new connections come to life.

Start Swapping

Once they’ve found a friend, it’s time to swap or share, and just like that, they’ve forged a new friendship, off of screens and in real life.